Whole House Water Softener Systems

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Whole House Water Softener Systems

Purchasing a whole house water softener system is probably one of the best investment you can do for your home and family. Over a period of time scale forms to clog your plumbing. As the pipes clog, water flow is restricted and water pressure can be reduced dramatically. A water conditioning system minimizes this headache. For this reason, treated water extends the life of appliances and your water heater too! The cost of your cleaning supplies will drop dramatically with conditioned water because you’ll use less soap…fewer harsh chemical and detergents…to get the job done. Hard water impairs the cleansing strength of detergents. Conditioned water not only delivers greater washing power, it reduces soap requirements and protects your washing machine. Clothes las longer, come out fresher, cleaner and softer when washed in conditioned water. Colors stay brighter too. Enjoy the savings and feel the difference that a whole house softening filtration system makes.  Alaska Water Products installs water treatment systems for the whole house in all of Orange County. We also service and repair your existing water treatment units at a very reasonable rate.

Alaska Water Products offers sales, service, and installation of whole house water filtration systems in Orange County area as an economical and green alternative to conventional water softeners that use salt for regeneration. We incorporate exclusive activated carbon and selective filtration medias providing a superior reduction of unwanted impurities for premium quality taste and odor free water. These fine systems can be used alone or can be installed before or after your existing water softener.

In addition to whole house chlorine reduction, we also can install whole house arsenic, iron and sulfur reduction systems as well as whole house scale reduction systems.

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We have years of experience in sales and service of water treatment systems for all residential and commercial applications. There’s no problem water too challenging, no application too large or too small. Through innovative solutions and proven expertise, we’re more than ready to help you achieve your quality water solutions right now. If you are looking for a reliable commercial water treatment system in Orange County, give us a call at 1-800-606-2339 today.

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  • Water Softener Systems
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  • Whole House Water Softener Systems
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  • Water Treatment Systems Service and Repair
Whole House Water Filtration Systems

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

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