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Best water softener systems in Orange County

water softener systems in Orange County

Do you have a Water Softener System in your home? Your home is most likely your largest investment and water is it’s most precious resource. Having a reliable water softener systems for the entire home is important.  You rely on water every day for your family and your home’s plumbing and appliances. They all need the best and cleanest water to work smoothly and efficiently. That’s why quality water treatment systems are so important!  Although hard water is generally safe to use, it can cause a variety of problems related to cleaning and appliance life and efficiency. Alaska Water Products has the best water softener systems for Orange County residents and businesses.

Our quality water softener systems provide hard water treatment for your home by removing calcium, magnesium and sediment from the water. Once those hard water-producing elements are eliminated, your family will enjoy the benefits of soft water:

  • Reduced build-up of film on tubs, sinks, faucets and wall tiles.
  • Elimination of spotting on glassware, dishes and flatware caused by hard water.
  • Whiter and brighter laundry, while using up to 50% less detergent.
  • Elimination of hard water residue in fabrics, which can help clothing last longer.
  • Reduced scale build-up in pipes, and up to 29% lowered energy consumption of your water heater due to reduced scale build-up.
  • Preserve the life of your water using appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers and coffee makers.
  • Decreased amount of cleaning agents and excess water going down the drain and back into your community’s ground water and/or water system.

With all the home water purification systems – including salt-free water softeners – that are on the market, how do you decide what is the right Water Softener System for your home? Be sure to compare water softener systems based on your home’s water and your family’s water usage. We at Alaska Water Products can diagnose your water and recommend the best water softener systems for your home in Orange County.

We offer home water softeners in a single tank cabinet style or a two-tank system. Which is right for your home? Consider the amount of space available for the system, plus the hardness of your water. We can give you expert advice on the benefits of a single versus two-tank system based on the results of your water test.

Servicing and Selling Reverse Osmosis Systems in Orange County

Fleck Controls makes water softener and backwashing filter control valves. Fleck Controls used be called L.W. FLECKENSTEIN, INC. and people would say often they had a “Fleckenstein valve.” They are now called “Fleck Controls” and are owned by Pentair Water, a world conglomerate of water-related companies. Fleck makes a large number of control valves for residential and commercial water softeners and backwashing filters, and have been a world leader in this technology for over 50 years.

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