Benefits of Softened Water

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Water Softener Benefits in Orange County, CA

Alaska Water Products Inc. provide water softening solutions in Orange County.  You may ask what are water softener benefits? We all realize that the water quality is not very good here in Orange County. And even though it doesn’t present any serious hazard to your well-being, it can wreak destruction on your pipes and appliances. Things like your water heater, dishwasher, clothes washer and even your fixtures and showerheads are all exceedingly powerless to the impacts of hard water.  Untreated water can also damage your hair and skin.   All of these can be prevented by installing a quality water softener system in your home. Alaska Water Products Inc. has the experience and the resources to help homeowners in Orange County with their hard water problems. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

What is water softening?

Hard water contains substantial amounts of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. While not hurtful to your wellbeing, hard water, as we stated, can be harmful to your pipes and all appliances in your home. Water softening eliminates these minerals. If you are having issues with hard water, including plugged up pipes and showerheads, decreased water warming effectiveness or streaked dishes and cleanser that won’t wash off, call Alaska Water Products Inc. today for a free consultation. Alaska Water Products Inc. has been serving residents and businesses of Orange County since 1990.

Why do I need water softening?

Hard Water is the result of water absorbing calcium and magnesium from limestone, chalk or marble deposits. Hard water is not a health concern and is very common. Indications of hard water include: white marks; stains and scale on sinks, baths, toilet bowls and around the base of taps; blocked showerheads, and scale deposits on kettles Truth be told, water softening has various advantages, including:

  • Making cleaning easier
  • Extending appliance life
  • Heating water faster
  • Keeping plumbing systems cleaner


Water Is Your Home’s Most Precious Resource You rely on water every day for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing and bathing. Your water heater, washer, dishwasher, and other appliances all need the best water to work smoothly. Contact us today for a free water purification system consultation at your home or office.

Water Softeners
Home Water Softening Systems


In short, water softeners make your life better and your pipes and appliances last longer! Water hardness is America’s #1 water problem and is found in 85% of homes! Alaska Water Product’s line of Water Softeners eliminates those hard water problems!

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems


Alaska Water Products gives you bottled water quality straight from your sink! There’s a growing demand for clean water. Sales of bottled water and pitcher filters continue to rise. But these are only stop-gap measures since impurities can affect more than the water your family drinks. We offer quality, convenience, dependability and peace of mind!

Specialty Filtration Systems


It is possible that you have additional water problems which cannot be corrected with a water softener alone. We have a complete line of specialty water treatment equipment designed to solve your household water problems! Whatever the problem, whether it’s excessive iron, tastes and odors, acidity or sediment in the water, we have a water treatment solution for you!

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