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Reverse Osmosis Annual Service Done Right!

Reverse Osmosis Systems provide bottled quality water at your kitchen sink and a refrigerator icemaker and water dispenser. RO systems actually make water that is so pure you can see through an ice cube end to end along the edges.

What is the advantage of having a reverse osmosis system in your home? The answer is that it can provide crystal clear drinking water that not only looks better, but is also healthier for those who drink the water. Your taste buds will thank you for the better tasting water and ice cubes you can enjoy, and your body will appreciate the difference because of the health benefits that you will realize.


Reverse Osmosis Annual Service

All manufacturers of Reverse Osmosis systems require Reverse Osmosis Annual Service. The filters in your system must be replaced every year to continue to deliver crystal clear, great tasting water. The membrane must be replaced approximately every three years, as well. During the annual inspection, we will determine which components need to be replaced. Alaska Water Products Inc. provides reverse osmosis annual service for most water treatment systems in Orange County.

Water Softeners

Say goodbye to dry skin, spotted glassware and high water heating bills with a quality water softener system from Alaska Water Products.

Water Filters

Say goodbye to rotten-egg smells, cloudy sediment and acid stains with a water filter from Alaska Water Products. Reduce harmful impurities like lead, radium, aesthetic chlorine, hexavalent chromium, and arsenic.

Whole Home Systems

Whole house water softener systems filter and soften your water, protecting everyone and every tap in your home. Our one-unit system is the most efficient, cost-effective way to treat multiple water problems.

Commercial Systems

With a commercial water treatment system, you’ll save on energy, operating expenses, plumbing repairs and general maintenance.  Plus, your water treatment system will be available for your business’ water treatment service needs.

Water Softener Benefits

Water softeners and filters remove more impurities and performs more efficiently with lower lifetime costs. Softer water and more purified to ensure the highest quality water from available water systems.

Why Choose Alaska Water Products

Alaska Water Products is an established company with a reputation for quality, reliability, and service since 1995. Family owned and operated, we serve all of Orange County and North San Diego residents.

Concerns About Water Quality?

You’re not alone if you’re concerned about the water you and your family drink. A survey by the Water Quality Association found that three-quarters of Americans don’t believe their household water supply is as safe as it could be. In a recent USA Today/CNN/Gallup Poll, 47 percent of respondents reported they won’t drink water straight from the tap. Environmental problems have an enormous impact on water quality. Water runoff from industrial plants and farms, acid rain and other forms of pollution have tainted groundwater and surface water supplies in many areas of the world. Population growth, urban and suburban sprawl, and industrial and agricultural expansion continue to stress fresh water supplies. Water contamination problems, epidemic in the developing world, also routinely occur in highly industrialized nations. In the last half dozen years, numerous cases have been recorded in the United States, affecting tens of millions of consumers in more than 1,000 communities.  For best Water Softener System installation and repairs call Alaska Water Product today.

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